KOMA - Omaha Eppley Field Airport

KOMA - Omaha Eppley Field Airport

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Omaha Eppley Field Airport (KOMA/ OMA) is located approximately three miles northeast of downtown Omaha and has an annual passenger count of 5 million, making it the largest and most important airport in Nebraska. Omaha is a great place for embarking on domestic and regional flights, e.g. to Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago or Kansas City. There are 3 runways of 2.5-2.9 km of length, enabling large planes to land. Major carriers at Omaha are Southwest and Allegiant Air.

This package features a realistic rendition of Omaha Airport including:

-Buildings: Realistic rendition and 3D-replicas of most airport buildings, served with nice textures for day and night. Starting with this product, Rim&Co. would like to create more and more buildings and clutter with PBR properties for more realism.

-Vehicles and clutter: Vehicles, locally branded clutter and other infrastructure. New static planes have been added and the pool of airport models in Rim&Co. sceneries is continuing to grow and will be reflected in updates along the way.

-Ground: Very detailed ground textures with dynamic PBR properties to recreate the feel of Omaha airport, 4K asphalt/ concrete textures

-Lighting: Accurate and "present" lighting for night-flying operations

-Vegetation: Thousands of hand-placed 3D-trees 

-Gangways: SAM usage including jetways and Safe-Docks for most gates

-Traffic: Ground Traffic files included

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