LIEE - Cagliari Elmas Airport

LIEE - Cagliari Elmas Airport

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Cagliari Elmas Airport (LIEE) is located on the located in the territory of Elmas, near Cagliari, on the Italian island of Sardinia.  This is JustAsia's first europe product for x plane and more will come. The whole airport is recreated with utmost detail in ground markings, grass and more.  The city and key landmarks are also included to make the flying experience more realistic and enjoyable. Refer below for a full list of features. 

  • High detailed representation of Cagliari Elmas Airport 
  • Over 150 hand placed custom objects
  • PBR ground markings and pavement ( Including Runway) 
  • Full custom HDR night lighting
  • Full WorldTraffic 3 integration 
  • Added static Aircraft option (For users who don't have WT3)
  • SAM plugin integration 
  • Ambient Occlusion 
  • High resolution photorealistic ground poly
  • High resolution textures for terminals 
  • Loads of clutter to provide a realistic feel
  • Highly optimized and fps friendly compared to other sceneries with similar detail
  • Ground traffic
  • Hand drawn tired marks to provide a realistic feeling
  • 3d grass 
  • Ground objects 

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