LIMJ - Genova Italy v4

LIMJ - Genova Italy v4

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This scenery is made of the city of Genova (Northern Italy), the outback of Genova city and the coast in East and West from Genova. And, of course, her city airport LIMJ Cristoforo Colombo – Genova Sestri.

Genova is a city of 600.000 inhabitants with a metropolitan area of 1.500.000 inhabitants.

The scenery cover an area of 243 squares kilometers with the airport, the Harbour, the ancient port, the fair and industrial areas with hundreds and hundreds of buildings and architectural complexes, and several thousands objects like ships, cranes, containers, trucks, parked cars, parked trains and so on. Further, there are the residential areas. The scenery features both city areas and forests (hand placed) on the slopes of the mountains (1.100 squares kilometers in total). 

Scenery Features

I want to thanks with the heart Marcogrifo for his lighthouse, the breakwater and cranes models (very high detailed and complicated models) and of course the entire UHD fair area with its helipad and many landmarks.

- 243 square kilometer city of Genova, 850 square kilometers outback of Genova (mountains and coasts). And, of course the presence of the international city airport Genova Cristoforo Colombo (LIMJ). 

- The city contains hand recolored ground textures (30, 60, 120 cm/pixels) and is filled of UHD landmarks (hundreds of models), the outback contains the hand recoloured ground textures (30 cm, 2m, 4m/pixel) and hand placed forests, for the buildings in outback, the scenery relies on X-Plane or third party autogen.

- In the city there are 3D modeled residential areas (16.000 buildings). They have generic facades and real roofs.

- The airport is very high detailed with all UHD buildings and architectural complexes. Further there are custom ground services (static). I've rebuilded the Terminal that now is updated to the next 2022 year (in  real life there are currently works on expansion of the Terminal). In the Terminal there is an autogate jetway (one of six) (Autogate by Marginal required).

- In the Ancient Port (near the Galata Sea Museum), there is a submarine (Nazario Sauro S 518) ultra high detailed.
- Photographic night environment (ground textures for all the scenery and buildings textures) and night lighting effects (for example the "Lanterna" lighthouse).
- In the city there are thousands of objects like cranes, containers, ships, boats, parked trucks, parked trains.
- in the city there are also the flyover roads with interchanges (without traffic).
- Helipads in the airport and in the fair (Eastern of the city).
- High detailed APRON in airport area.
- Changing parked aircraft in airport.
- Moving ground services in the airport.
- In the airport the various buildings have the "interiors" (cinematographic set style): the windows are transparent. 
- Use of PBR materials for both the ground textures at the airport and the Terminal and skycrapers.
- Static people in the airport area (especially in and out of the terminal).
- The airport is been tested with World Traffic 3.0 and ortho4xp. They functions correctly.
- Two good detailed railway stations.
- Custom water bump texture for rivers and sea.
- Realistic and accurate ILS offset of 2 degrees.
- LIMJ documentation by ENAV included plus a map of the parking at the airport.
- In the screenshots there is also the third party Polcevera Bridge model by Dario Rugo.
- High FPS and no stuttering, even without Vulkan.

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