LIMJ - Genova Italy

LIMJ - Genova Italy

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This scenery is made of the city of Genova (Northern Italy) and her city airport LIMJ Cristoforo Colombo – Genova Sestri.

Genova is a city of 600.000 inhabitants with a metropolitan area of 1.500.000 inhabitants. Genova features an harbour (the second of importance in the Mediterranean sea) and an ancient port (from which is started the travel of Cristoforo Colombo (Christopher Columbus) to discover American continent in year 1492).

The city of Genova is placed between the sea and the mountains.

The scenery cover an area of 30 squares kilometers with the airport, the Harbour, the ancient port and industrial areas with hundreds and hundreds of buildings and architectural complexes, and several thousands objects like ships, cranes, containers, trucks, parked cars, parked trains and so on. The city of Genova with her residential areas cover a surface of 120 square kilometers.

Scenery Features
  • LIMJ International airport and the city of Genova complete with all detailed buildings and architectural complexes.
  • Several thousands of objects like parked cars, trucks, parked trains, ships, boats, container, cranes and so on.
  • Advanced modeling and texturing techniques, all models are prerendered day and night.
  • Photorealistic 30 m/pixel ground textures.
  • Photographic night environment.
  • High detailed APRON in the airport area.
  • Changing parked aircrafts in the airport.
  • Moving ground services in the airport.
  • Reflections on windows of the buildings in the airport area and on skycrapers in administrative center.
  • LIMJ documentation by ENAV included plus a map of the parking at the airport.

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