LPPR - Porto Airport UHD, Portugal

LPPR - Porto Airport UHD, Portugal

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Inaugurated in 1945 with the designation of Pedras Rubras Airport, Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport is located about 20km from the city of Porto, the 2nd largest city in Portugal.
The airport consists of a runway with headings 17/35 of 3 480 m long and 55 m wide, with asphalt pavement, with a 45 m runway boundary.
It’s currently the best airport in Portugal in space in the passenger’s terminal.This modern airport has witnessed a huge increase in passengers and flights, and its destinations are also increasing, mainly at European level thanks to the various “Low Cost” airlines.


All the buildings in this scenery were designed as real as possible, thereby enhancing the experience and making it more immersive and real. These were modelled according to their existing architectural features and materials. The lighting of the airport and its surroundings has also been modelled according to these principles. In addition to Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, the following were also modeled:
  • Buildings around the airport such as warehouses, container park and car parks;
  • Animated radar;
  • Navigation station: Glideslope, ILS e DVOR/DME
  • Oporto hotel
  • Metro stations
  • Airport freeway bridges and access
  • Lighthouse in Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos
  • Pedro Hispano Hospital, Matosinhos
  • Pedro Hispano Hospital Heliport
  • Massarelos Heliport
  • STCP Museum, Porto
  • Vincci Hotel, Porto
  • City bridges: Arrábida, Luiz I, Infante, D.ª Maria, S.João e Freixo
  • Leixões seaport
  • Leixões, Afurada e Freixo marinas
  • Custom lighting
  • Road traffic
  • World Traffic Routes
  • Custom mesh

The LPPR scenery has no static aircraft in any of the existing Gates, so all Gates will be available for aircraft parking.

This scenery has several animations, such as:
  • Road traffic inside the airport
  • Road traffic around the terminal
  • Animated flags
  • Leça da Palmeira Lighthouse with rotating lighting
  • Animated Radar

In the scenery there are 2 heliports that can be used by all “rotorheads”: the Massarelos Heliport (LPDA) and the Pedro Hispano Hospital Heliport (LPPH).

Massarelos Heliport – LPDA
This heliport is located in the city of Porto, over the Douro river and near the Arrábida bridge. It is currently used by a private tourism company but is also authorized for emergency medical helicopters.
Pedro Hispano Hospital Heliport – LPPH
This heliport is located inside Pedro Hispano Hospital in Matosinhos and is for the use of emergency medical helicopters only.


- LPPR - Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport - Porto – PORTUGAL
- LPPH - Pedro Hispano Hospital Heliport - Porto – PORTUGAL
- LPDA - Massarelos Heliport - Porto - PORTUGAL
- LPPR - Roads
- LPPR - Mesh

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