LSGG - Geneva Airport

LSGG - Geneva Airport

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LSGG Geneva is the international airport of Geneva, located in Switzerland. Geneva is a very large international airport and serves as a gateway for trading and passenger transport into the EU, as well as serving U.S destinations.

Pilot Plus have carefully studied every aspect of the airport to produce a faithful replica in the flight simulator! LSGG is an international airport, this makes it perfect for long haul heavy flights! LSGG also has a grass airstrip parallel with the main runway all of which is surrounded by beautiful mountains, this is perfect for visual flying and exploring the local area and French border!

Every texture is photo real and is in a high definition! We have implemented many visual effects such as ambient occlusion, custom night lighting and custom shadowing, this makes the airport look very real! Every 3D model has been modeled to extreme accuracy, replicating the atmosphere of the real airport! Emulating a close to real life experience in X-Plane!

The ground imagery covers a very large area, including the airport itself and the local surroundings! Local POI’s are included as well as a static aircraft extension bundled with local airlines and aircraft types!

  • Faithful replica with HD Buildings
  • High Resolution ground imagery covering a very large area
  • Custom Night lighting
  • Animations & Local POI's
  • Custom Made Static Aircraft, Bundled Pack
  • Animated Jetway's & Guidance Docking System
  • Very detailed 3D Models covering the whole airport
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Custom Runways, Aprons & Taxiways
  • Navigational Charts, downloadable

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