Lockheed U-2S Dragon Lady XP11

Lockheed U-2S Dragon Lady XP11

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The Lockheed U-2S is the latest in a long line of U-2 models and has the most advanced cockpit of any U-2.

  No matter what your age, you can bet that less than 10 people your same age will ever fly the real aircraft.  Now you have the chance to experience the US Air Force’ s high-altitude reconnaissance platform with the reputation of being one of the most difficult to land in the USAF inventory.  We have carefully crafted this model to give you the feel of being a U-2 pilot.  From the 30 degree nose high takeoff to cruise above 70k feet, to the bicycle gear configured tail dragger landing and a few other surprises it will give you a front seat view to life as a U-2 pilot.  Now you can experience the U-2’s mission and flight characteristics in X-Plane.


  • Redesigned for XP11.
  • Includes our unique AutoUpdate (AU) feature.  You are now in total control of patches and bug fixes which are automatically downloaded when the aircraft is loaded into X-Plane.
  • Virtual cockpit, fully animated switches all around the cockpit in the right places, animated pilot
  • Realistic multifunction displays as true to the actual aircraft as X-Plane can go
  • Accurate modeling of the Lear autopilot in the real aircraft
  • Detailed landing gear, and flight control surfaces
  • Accurate flight model built by former USAF pilot and tested by a former U-2 pilot.  
  • Plugin controlled Pogo gear fall away on takeoff and reinstall after landing
  • 3 High-Resolution  liveries of actual aircraft in service today in both CONUS and deployed styles crafted by amerrir …. One of the premier X-Plane graphics specialists.

2 Model Versions with options for customization

  • U-2S trainer – in Beale AFB livery – the clean U2 used for interview flight and training
  • U-2S operational – in deployed livery with the complete mission kit and heavier
  • Both kits come with the full array of mission equipment so you can make your plane look the way you like it.

STMA Exclusive add-ons and plugins - Missions included!

  • Companion X-Adventures missions to check you out in in landings and then conduct a full recon mission
  • An STMA exclusive long range optical camera for scanning your targets from 70,000 feet

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