Logitech / Saitek Flight Instrument Panel Support Addon

Logitech / Saitek Flight Instrument Panel Support Addon

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Logitech/Saitek Flight Instrument Panel Support Addon

For anyone using Logitech/Saitek Instrument Panels with X-Plane (FSX, Prepar3D) this Addon is a MUST to take full advantage of these devices to enhance your FlightSim experience.

Includes Integrated Support for Logitech/Saitek Switch/Radio/Mulit-Autopilot Panels.

Lets you change FlightSim settings using FIP (Flight Instrument Panel) buttons and dials:

• Altimeter setting of barometric pressure (“Hg and millibars)
• ADF Receiver Frequency (RMI)
• NAV and COM Frequencies (using the new optional NAVCOM Radio)
• OBS settings (HSI VOR1 VOR2)
• GPS settings with the GPS Assist Controller
• Heading (Gyrocompass & HSI) also sets the Autopilot Heading
• Use FIP buttons to turn X-Plane switches on/off (user defined selection)
• Use FIP buttons to raise/lower Landing Gear and Flaps

Enhancements beyond the free demo package:
• Supports up to 12 attached FIP devices and Switch/Radio/Multi Panels
• Instrument Sets for Airliners, GA, Gliders, Military, Helicopter, Warbirds
• Includes the standard six gauges plus eight additional flight instruments
• Simplified operation as ICM is automatically started and terminated
• FIP instrument layout saved and restored when you restart X-Plane or  Windows
• A new optional NAVCOM Radio allows setting NAV1 NAV2 COM1 COM2 frequencies
• separate Whiskey Compass and Gyrocompass instruments so you can have both
• Redesigned Navigation Instruments with extended functionality
• Enhanced GA instrument backgrounds closely resemble Cessna172 instruments
• Engine gauges display data for jet, turboprop, rocket, piston engine
• EICAS display shows Total Fuel Quantity (pounds/kilograms) and Fuel Flow
• EICAS buttons toggle fuel/oil/vacuum gauges for piston engine aircraft
• Primary Flight Display for glass cockpits includes Groundspeed and MACH
• Optional CHART facility displays Approach Charts and Checklists
• HSI and VOR instruments recognize and support Localizer Only ILS stations
• RMI options to operate as an ADF or ADF-fixed-card or ADF/VOR instrument
• Optional AoA (Angle of Attack) sidebar can be displayed with the VSI instrument

BE ADVISED that this version of the Flight Instrument Management System package is not compatible with  the Logitech/Saitek "XSaitekProFlight" X-Plane Plugin. This plugin is
compatible with the "XSaitekPanels"  plugin available at X-Plane.org Forums. 

See the FIMS Tech Support Forum for more details:

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