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A.T.S. MD-80 is planned to include both the MD-82 and the MD-83 versions of this historical plane built by McDonnell Douglas in the early '80s.
This development has requested almost 4 years and has been done with the cooperation of three real and active MD-82 pilots. Flight model based on real charts and pilots suggestions, it will be kept under constantly review in order to improve it more and more. MD82 is part of the package now. MD-83 version will be released as free update, through our automatic update system, as soon as it will be ready.

Systems are fully customized
  • Engines (JT8D-217C for MD-82 and -219 for MD-83)
  • Fuel (manual changes are disabled)
  • Auxiliary fuel tanks and AFB system available for MD-83 only
  • Pneumatic
  • Electrical (nine different electrical bus implemented with all instruments tied to their specific bus, battery charge and discharge times will vary depending on the actual load)
  • APU standard and emergency startup/shutdown (while at ground or in flight) with RAM door management
  • Flight controls
  • Anti-ice with rain and wipers effects
  • Dual fully independent EFIS and navigation management
  • Dual fully independent MCDU management (each one does have its own 2d panel available)
  • IRS alignment system with dual fully independent IRU modules, alignment time will vary depending on the latitude
  • Gears (with custom brake temperature and available pressure management)
  • Fire - Hydraulic
  • Communications (three COM radios and two ADF radios)
  • Center of gravity automatically managed during the flight (manual changes are disabled)
  • Lights (all custom and only available with HDR on)
  • Custom sounds with 3d effect
  • Custom EGPWS terrain radar with tilt management
  • Custom TCAS with TA/RA advisories, checked with both offline (AI) and online (Vatsim and Ivao) planes (PilotEdge should work too using latest version of their plugin)
  • Data cards 2d popup with take-off and landing speeds, dynamically updated as the flight goes further
Flight Management System
  • Custom autopilot system
  • SID/STAR management
  • LNAV management (Navdata required)
  • VNAV with basic functionalities, under further improvements
  • Holding management (up to three for each flight)
  • Flight plans can be imported using .fms and .flp (PFPX compatible) formats
  • Fully compatible with Aerosoft navigation data (Navdata folder required)
3D modeling
  • 3D cockpit, cabin and exterior highly detailed and fully optimized
  • Landing gear components fully animated
  • Wings, rudder and horizontal stabilizer flight surfaces animated
  • Forward and aft pax doors and stairs fully animated
  • Animated RAM door
  • Extensible landing lights fully animated
  • Cockpit, cabin and exterior HD texturing with variable resolution from 300 to 400 px/mt (90 to 120 px/ft)
  • Dual color cockpit (chosen from the configuration panel)
  • Dual format .dds and .png for exterior parts, in order to obtain the best frame rate
Ground objects:
  • GPU and fuel truck
  • A hidden, popup menu is provided in order to recall configuration, pax, cargo, fuel and views management panels
Custom commands
  • Custom commands are available to use some functions not available through standard manipulators and/or for an easier cockpit utilization
Custom plugins
  • Scroll wheel management
  • Product update management for automatic product check and update process (manual downloads greatly reduced)
  • A.T.S. default one plus ten other liveries: Alaska, Alitalia, Allegiant, American Airlines, Delta, Finnair, Laser, Meridiana, SAS and Spanair
  • Additional liveries (over 70 planned and all based on real Airlines, not fictional ones), as well as further documentation, will be available for registered customers into their reserved area here as soon as additional contents will be released (those who have signed up for the newsletter will be notified about the availability of new contents).

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