MKJS - Montego Bay Jamaica

MKJS - Montego Bay Jamaica

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In partnership with LatinVFR, Skyline Simulations brings you the very first detailed Jamaican airport for X-Plane 11

MKJS - Sangster International Airport  is an international airport located 3 mi (4.8 km) east of Montego Bay, Jamaica. It serves as the most popular airport for tourists visiting the north coast of Jamaica. 

Animated Airport 
  • Animated Jetways 
  • Ground Traffic in whole airport for G.Aviation and Commercial services
Detailed Airport 

  • MKJS (MBJ) airport with all its buildings done with accurate detail 
  • PBR Materials 
  • Ground reflections 
  • Surroundings extremely detailed, resorts and hotels exactly placed and created in the area near the airport 
  • More than 200sq Kilometers of photo scenery with thousands of hands placed custom autogen 
  • High resolution ground textures for runways, taxiways, apron etc
  • Revised land classes for surrounding photo scenery.? 
  • Inclusion of manual in PDF format
  • Inclusion of charts and maps.
  • Vehicle and boats 
  • Excellent frame rates
  • Excellent HDR night lighting with custom Billboard light
  • Dozens of custom apron objects (containers, vehicles, etc)
  • Fully AI traffic and ground traffic
  • Much more

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