Marina Militare Italiana (MMI) Pack

Marina Militare Italiana (MMI) Pack

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Italy is a big aircraft carrier in the middle of Mediterranean sea. But it has also a nice military fleet, and in the past it was one of the more powerfull in the world (with the Romans, Venice, Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi…)

Marina Militare Italiana (MMI) Pack is composed by:
  • Arsenale di Taranto: the main Military Naval Base of Italy with two harbours  “Mare Piccolo” and “Mare Grande”. Not only the militar bases but also the 3D old town  of Taranto and a portion of new town connected by the historical “Ponte Girevole” (Swing bridge) over the cannel  througth that the ships goes into the arsenale of “Mare Piccolo”
  • Arsenale di  La Spezia, the second  Military Naval Base of Italy near to Genoa
  • Arsenale di Venezia (it needs Venezia VFR) one of the oldest in Italy. The pack make available some military units into the arsenale
  • Arottaglie Airport (LIBG), close to Taranto, the MMI air base for fixed wings aircraft (AV8B and F35B) with the unique european aircraft test runway  that reproduce a STOVL flight deck.
  • Luni-Sarzana Airport (LIQW), close to La Spezia, the main MMI and coastal guard helicopter air base
The following 11 STOVL/helicopter carrier units:
  • The STOVL aircraft carriers
    •  Cavour
    •  Garibaldi
  • The guided missile destroyers
    •  Andrea Doria
    •  Caio Duilio
    •  Durand de la Penne
    •  Mimbelli
  • The destroyers
    •  Bettica
    •  Borsini
    •  Foscari
  • Amphibious transport dock
    • San Giorgio
    • San Marco
Some more ships
a generic destroyer, a generic  patrol unit, a generic  tug and the MMI general service ship “Argo”

Three submarines: “Pelosi”, “Prini” and “Scirè”

A MMI  library that make you able to create your personal adventure, placing the MMI naval units everywhere in the world

A default scenery MMI_Fleet: all fleet units off coast of Capri island.

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