Maule M-7 235B

Maule M-7 235B

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Based on the Maule M-4, it is a high-wing, strut-braced monoplane of conventional configuration, available with tailwheel or optional tricycle wheeled undercarriage and frequently used as a floatplane. The M-7 has a longer cabin than its predecessors the M5 & M6, with two seats in front, a bench seat for up to three passengers behind them, and (like the M-6) an optional third row of "kiddie seats" at the rear. (Wikipedia)

The Maule M-7 Series is a highly versatile aircraft. The M-7 can be loaded with 85 gallons of fuel which gives this 235 HP workhorse extended endurance. A four door fuselage design gives you easy cabin entry/exit and access to its cavernous cargo area. The Modular Cabin design allows you to quickly change the seating/cargo configuration to fit the needs of your excursions.
This legendary Bush Airplane can be outfitted with Amphibious Floats, Alaskan Bushwheel Tires, Extended Heavy Duty Landing Gear for backcountry flying adventures. (


  • Detailed virtual cockpit with smooth scrolling 
  • Custom instrument panel with easy to read instruments
  • Pilot figure
  • Garmin 430 with pop up menu
  • Many detail parts and animations
  • Real pilot tested and approved
  • Easy to customize instrument panel
  • Easy to make your own liveries
  • Choice of 4 separate aircraft with 3 different tires and floats with wheels
  • Many liveries that have international tail numbers
  • Custom engine sound
  • .pdf manual to get you introduced to the airplane
  • 2 .txt checklists to use in the sim
  • Vortex generators that lower the stall on all models for best performance
  • A real world pilot’s handbook is available to download online and its free at

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