Mega Sao Paulo v4

Mega Sao Paulo v4

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São Paulo is a Brazilian city, capital of the State of São Paulo and main financial centre, corporate and mercantile in South America. It is the most populous city of Brazil, of the American continent and throughout the southern hemisphere, and the most influential Brazilian city on the global stage, being considered the 14th city more globalized planet. São Paulo is the capital of the most populous state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, standing next to the parallel 23° 32 ‘ 52 ‘’ South and the Meridian 46° 38 ‘ 09 ‘’ West. The total area of the municipality is 1522.986 km2, according to the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE), being the ninth largest in territorial extension. Of the whole area of the municipality, 968.3248 km2 are urban areas, being the largest urban area in the country. Sao Paulo’s Congonhas airport 3 (SBSP), Campo de Marte(SBMT) and GuarulhosCumbica (SBGR) 

Included in Scenery Package
  • City 3Dbuilding of São Paulo
  • Autogen houses, trees
  • Night Light Santos, São Paulo and area
  • Stadiums , Palmerias, Pacaembu, São Paulo, Corinthians, Stadium footbal Portugesa
  • Guarulhos and Congonhas Airport Light version

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