Milano VFR

Milano VFR

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The scenery reproduces the center of Milan and many buildings.
It add the new skyline of the city as the beauty of many old monuments and church.
Every building of the center of the city (into the Spanish walls) is reproduced and textured with a mass texturing method, but some building has its own texture and some other, the more interesting, was perfectly designed as a single object.
Also the scenery reproduce the public trees of the whole city (avenue, parks...) as like as the street lights in order to have a better realism.

Here after the list the custom objects, all with night (stunning in some case) textures.

- Duomo
- Abbazia di Chiaravalle (you can see approaching Linate)
- Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio
- Basilica di San Lorenzo e roman's columns
- Cimitero Monumentale (where is A. Manzoni tomb)

Buildings around piazza del Duomo
- Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
- Piazza dei Mercanti
- Teatro alla Scala
- Palazzo Marino e chiesa di S.Fedele
- Università Statale

Buildings in Parco Sempione area:
- Arco della Pace
- Arena
- Castello Sforzesco
- Torre RAI
- Torre Branca
- Palazzo Triennale
- Ponte delle Sirenette (try to find it over the small lake in the park)

Railway stations
- Stazione Centrale
- Stazione Porta Garibaldi
- Stazione Cadorna (new)

Hospitals with landable helipad (new)
- Ospadale Maggiore Niguarda
- Ospedale San Carlo Borromeo


"Porta Garibaldi" area

- Palazzo centro direzionale
- Torre Galfa
- Palazzo INPS
- Grattacieli di pazza Aulenti
- Sede Regione Lombardia
- Torri Diamante e Diamantini
- Grattacieli Solea, Solaria e Aria

"Stazione centrale" area

- Grattacielo Pirelli
- Torre Breda

"City Life" area
- Isozaki tower
- Libeskind tower
- Hadid tower

- Palazzo svizzero
- Torre di Porta Romana
- Torre Velasca
- Hotel NH Milano Fiera (new)

Referral VFR points
- Rozzano’s Telecom Tower
- AMSA Waste to Energy plant (new)
- Gas holders Bovisa (new)

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