Mission Generator

Mission Generator

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X-Plane Mission Generator is a X-Plane plugin that randomly generates missions. 

Hop into your favorite airplane at your favorite airport, select a mission, and fly! 

Once you finish your mission, you will get experience points. Gather enough experience points to level up. Each level unlocks new missions, increases rewards for certain mission types, and makes your favorite kinds of missions happen more often.

There are no penalties for not flying for a while and no safeguards against cheating. Flight simulation should not become work..

All save games are simple text files that can be hand-edited if necessary and all source code is readable Lua code that can be expanded.

  • Randomly generated missions that are tailored to your current aircraft and location
  • Works with all your add-ons
  • Varied mission briefings for all kinds of missions
  • Detailed debriefings after every mission
  • Bonus mission objectives that add challenge and variety
  • Level up and get more and better missions
  • No punishment for cancelling a mission or crashing
  • Gets out of your way while in the air
For more information, visit https://missiongenerator.eu/

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