PA44-180 Piper Seminole v4

PA44-180 Piper Seminole v4

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The PA44-180 Piper Seminole is a light twin general aviation and trainer aircraft that is very popular among flight schools and GA due to its relatively low cost and ease of use. This twin engine workhorse, designed from the PA-28 Cherokee/Arrow was conceived to fit the niche in the twin engine trainer and business commuter market in the mid 70’s continuing in and out of production into the 21st century. It featured two counter-rotating Lycoming O-360 180hp engines at 2,700 RPM with constant speed, two bladed with an option for three, fully feathering propellers. Coming in at slightly larger than the Arrow's wingspan of 30 feet, the Seminole featured a 38-foot semi-tapered wingspan and a max takeoff and landing weight of 3,800 lbs. This light twin boasted a positive rate of climb with one engine inoperative up to 4,100 feet under standard conditions at max weight and with counter-rotating propellers, eliminated the critical engine during single engine flight. With elegant design lines and a T-tail configuration, the Seminole has proved its worth throughout history and to this day, training many multi-engine pilots while offering the assurance of safely arriving at destination. All things considered, the Seminole may be one of the best light twin airplanes ever produced for the training environment.    

AeroSphere Simulation's Piper Seminole was modeled using Piper’s POH, pictures, diagrams, dimensions and real-world flying experience to make the most realistic flight simulation experience possible. The cockpit was modeled after the steam gauge version - which is the most popular model the plane is delivered in - while the avionics suite composes of popular, easy-to-use accessories that are commonly found in the Seminole aircraft.

Two Seminole models included:
  •  G1000 Variant 
  •  Steam Gauge variant
  • 4 HD (4096 x 4096) liveries with a plain white that can be used for custom paint schemes.
  • Test flown by a Piper Seminole pilot for accurate flight characteristics.
  • Steam gauge trainer cockpit model to help pilots in the training environment with required instruments for IFR.
  • Garmin 530 & 430
  • All gauges are 3D
  • Detailed flight model and interactive 3D virtual cockpit with animated knobs, buttons etc. cabin door, storm window and rear baggage compartment door.
  • Toggle button to remove/display yoke
  • Compatible with HDR and normal lighting effects
  • Many textures taken from the actual aircraft
  • Custom Sounds

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