PC12 HD Series XP11

PC12 HD Series XP11

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The PC-12 is a high-performance turbo-prop aircraft capable of carrying up to 9 people over 1700 miles.

The PC-12 is part of Carenado HD series and includes High Resolution textures

Special Features:
  • Optimized for X-Plane 11
  • Full PBR (Superb material shines and reflections).
  • Specially designed engine dynamics for XP11
  • Flight physics optimized for XP11 standards
  • Ground handling adapted for XP11 ground physics
  • Physically Based Rendering materials and textures throughout
  • PBR materials authored with industry-standard software used by the film and gaming industries
  • X-Plane GNS530 (FPS friendly)
  • Support for RealityXP's GTN750* (integrated into 3D cockpit, when available). * Optional purchase from RealityXP
  • Goodway Compatible
  • Realistic behavior compared to the real airplane. Realistic weight and balance. Tested by several pilots for maximum accuracy
Included in the package:
  • 6 HD liveries - 1 HD Blank livery
  • PC12 Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) PDF
  • PC12 Emergency Checklist PDF - Normal Checklist PDF
  • PC12 Performance Tables - PC12 Reference PDF
  • Recommended Settings PDF

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