PHNL - Honolulu International + Pearl Harbor

PHNL - Honolulu International + Pearl Harbor

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This package includes both Honolulu Airport and Pearl Harbor

PHNL Honolulu v2

Honolulu International Airport (HNL) is one of the world’s largest, busiest and most beautiful airports. Owned and operated by the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, it covers 4,520 acres of land, and is larger than the major resort destination of Waikiki, which is located 10 miles to the south east. HNL has four active runways, including the 12,000-foot Reef Runway which was the world’s first major runway built entirely offshore.  Landscaped with the beautiful trees and flowers of the Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu International Airport plays host to more than 20 million visitors each year.
The airport is served by international and domestic carriers, inter-island airlines, and commuter airlines.

PHNL V2 contains:
  • PHNL Main Terminals, Departure Level and Overpass system, carparks, street lighting, fuel farm, rental       car facilities, etc.
  • New Hawaiian Airlines Hangars and Federal Prison building
  • Hickam AFB main Hangars, Aircraft, Major Administration, housing, and Maintenance buildings.
  • Hickam Freedom Tower and military aircraft
  • General Aviation, Cargo Facilities, and Fire Stations.
  • Custom Hawaiian trees, shrubs, flowers and bushes.
  • X-Plane Ground Service vehicles
  • High Resolution 6” (15cm) Aerial Photography (provided by, and thanks to, USGS) 
  • No Static Aircraft at Gates Option for those using third party Traffic.
  • GroundTraffic auto traffic using Marginal's plugin.
  • Mamala Bay Golf Course
  • Ke'ehi Lagoon sealanes
  • New Southwest Airlines terminal
  • Over 20,000 objects, facades, and polygons.
Pearl Harbor 

Pearl Harbor is an American lagoon harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, 8 miles west of Honolulu. It has been long visited by the Naval fleet of the United States, before it was acquired from the Hawaiian Kingdom by the U.S. with the signing of the Reciprocity Treaty of 1875. Much of the harbor and surrounding lands are now a United States Navy deep-water naval base. It is also the headquarters of the United States Pacific Fleet. The U.S. government first obtained exclusive use of the inlet and the right to maintain a repair and coaling station for ships here in 1887. Its attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy on December 7, 1941, promptly led the United States to declare war on the Empire of Japan making the attack on Pearl Harbor the immediate cause of the United States' entry into World War II.

The Pearl Harbor Scenery contains:
  • Ford Island complete
  • Battleship Missouri Memorial
  • USS Arizona Memorial
  • Several ships and submarines
  • Ford Island bridge
  • Custom Hawaiian trees, shrubs, flowers and bushes
  • 7300+ objects, facades, and polygons.
  • High Resolution 6” (15cm) Aerial Photography (provided by, and thanks to, USGS)

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