Panel Builder EFIS

Panel Builder EFIS

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Panel Builder EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System) is aimed at the X-Plane enthusiast and real pilot who wants to take X-Plane to the next level by creating a separate cockpit panel on a second screen (or screens). Panel Builder may be run on the same PC that you are running X-Plane on, or via a simple network. In this case, the PC can be an entry level one with a low cost entry, level video card. Setting up Panel Builder is very easy; all gauges get automatically added to the firewall during installation. The background to the panel is a simple bitmap. Gauges may be selected from a list, moved with the mouse and sized set with the mouse wheel and edited or locked by a right mouse click. 

Panel Builder EFIS Components:
  • Panel Manager: An application to design instrument panels. 
  • Instruments: The individual instruments that are combined into panels. 
This approach provides an interface to any flight simulator that has an open architecture for third party add-ons. It also allows for the creation of new instruments to be added any time. Instruments currently not available in Panel Builder can be designed on request.

  •  60 different Instruments including moving map, engine gauges and avionic display. The package includes standby instruments.
  • Multi-Engine Support for up to four engines piston or turbine i.e. one N1 or N2 gauge may be cloned into four and by an engine number mapped to a particular engine. Instruments are configurable for different aircraft performance.
  • Gauges may be customised for specific aircraft and then saved with the panel.
  • NAV1, NAV2, COM1, COM2, ADF, DME and Transponder radios.
  • There is no limit to the number of panels that can be created and saved only the hard disk space available.
  • Supports both Pilot and Co-pilot panels for the more ambitious cockpit builder.
  • On-going development.
  •  The gauges are: Smooth, Smooth, Smooth!
  • Very Comprehensive, easy to follow PDF manual
  System Requirements
  • Windows Vista or Windows 7 32 or 64bit
  • Windows XP, MAC OS and Linux are not supported Microsoft Dot Net 4 Extended is required.

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