Partenavia P68B

Partenavia P68B

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The Partenavia P68  (now Vulcanair P68), is an Italian six-seat, twin-engined, high-wing monoplane built by Partenavia. The aircraft was designed as a 6-seat private or business aircraft, but it has found utility in training and commercial transport roles. The Observer variant with a clear nose is used in aerial observation.

The P68 has proven to be a reliable aircraft when used within it’s intended limits. It is easy to handle and forgiving. It has adequate performance on a single engine, making it ideal as a training aircraft.

Like all models by X-Aerodynamics, the focus is on the flight model and on the flight experience.

P68B Features:
  • Custom 2D cockpit based on a real P68 layout 
  • Detailed textures based on a real P68B. 
  • Realistic flight model developed using real aircraft documents and performance charts.
  • Custom generated airfoils to ensure authentic and realistic simulation.
  • Planemaker modifiable. You can easily edit the aircraft for your own use and see the results in X-plane.
Very frame-rate friendly! This aircraft runs smoothly even on older computers as this model do not presently employ high-poly 3D obj overlays or 4k textures.

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