PassengersFX 2020   German Edition

PassengersFX 2020 German Edition

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"Adding realistic crew and passengers to your aircraft” .

All announcements spoken in German and English by Ansgar Dasenbrock & Helga Domandl
PFX2020 is add-on for X-Plane which adds many sounds and announcements to your aircraft to immerse you into an airline environment.

PFX2020 is fully compatible with the plugin Aviator for X-Plane.

Contains over 40 Custom Created Sounds including:
7 Captain to Crew Announcements
7 Captain to Passengers Announcements
20 Crew to Passengers Announcements
10 User Exchangeable Sound File

PFX2020 – The Future Has Arrived! 
PassengersFX is one of the most popular addon programs for X-Plane and has been constantly updated and improved since the very first version release in October 2017. PassengersFX has grown from a Basic only edition over 12 Payware editions. Every update or change required those updates and changes to be made to every edition, which is a very time consuming issue. Work on this version of PassengersFX started in early June 2019, with the aim of reducing the time involved implementing changes, updates or adding additional features etc. PFX2020 is a complete re-write of PassengersFX.

  • Individual user license required.
  • Will only load with Basic Edition if no license is found.
  • FREE Basic license issue with Basic Distribution. (already activated)
  • Individual License issued to Payware users.
  • Licenses for individual Payware editions or several editions.
  • Complete from the ground up rebuild of the code.
  • Complete new folder structure.
  • One main Script covers all editions.
  • New Datarefs file covering over 44 Aircraft.
  • PFX2020 will work with most GA Aircraft (not all functions will work) 
  • (Remember PassengersFX is designed mainly for Airliner type Aircraft)
  • Complete redesign of the menu.
  • Many previously manual sounds/announcements now fully automatically triggered. 
  • (Applies only to Payware Editions)
  • Several timer activated functions happen during different stages of the flight including: 
  • On the ground.
  • During taxi.
  • Before Take off.
  • During Cruise.
  • During descent.
  • During taxi to gate.
  • New sound features.
  • New sound files.
  • Payware Editions are 90% Automated

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