PassengersFX NG – Australian Edition

PassengersFX NG – Australian Edition

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PassengerFXV5 – Australian Edition

Contains over 35 Custom Created Sounds including:
  • 7 Captain to Crew Announcements
  • 7 Captain to Passengers Announcements
  • 20 Crew to Passengers Announcements
  • 10 User Exchangeable Sound File
  • Designed with Online VA Flyers in mind
  • Can be enabled or disabled at any time 
  • Adjust volumes using the keyboard
  • Documents in English 
  • Announcements that are both automatically triggered and manually played

All announcements spoken in Australian English by Tony and Naomi Fitzakerley – Australia 

You can adjust their volume to using your keyboard. Dynamic Sound levels dependent on your position in the aircraft, move from the cockpit  to the cabin and notice everything getting louder.
Environment-dependent chatter Hear your passengers quiet down when you’ve reached cruising altitude.
Compatible with all aircraft with two or more engines. Your passengers are ready to go with you, regardless of the airline.

Constant development  and support. New features are being added all the time.

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