Piper Aerostar 700P

Piper Aerostar 700P

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The Piper Aerostar is an American made twin-engined propeller-driven executive or light transport aircraft, designed by Ted R. Smith. It was originally built by Ted Smith Aircraft Company, which after 1978 became part of the Piper Aircraft Corporation.

Ted Smith flew the first Aerostar 600 in October 1967. It was a mid-wing cantilever monoplane powered by two wing-mounted Avco Lycoming piston engines, with a tricycle landing gear. It was fitted with luxury accommodation for six. Also produced, and the base of most of the subsequent models, was a version with turbocharged engines, the Aerostar 601.

During the time of production, the Aerostar held the speed record for fastest twin piston General Aviation aircraft, capable of cruise speeds from 220 kt (408 km/h) for the earliest 600 models to 261 kt (483 km/h) for the later 700 models. Light construction, low drag and high powered engines also contribute to fast climb rates. (Wikipedia)

  • 3d cockpit with animations and controls
  • Garmin 530 with pop up window
  • Garmin 430 with pop up window
  • Pilot Figure
  • Opening/closing passenger door with a mouse click
  • Yoke hide with a click of the mouse
  • Visors that move with the mouse to adjust
  • 17 custom liveries
  • Blank livery to make your own
  • Weathering layer that includes panel lines for your own livery
  • Instrument panel is editable in Planemaker. You can move or add/subtract instruments
  • User manual in .pdf format to get introduced to the airplane
  • Custom engine sound
  • FSE (flight sim economy) file

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