Piper Aztec PA23-250

Piper Aztec PA23-250

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The Piper PA-23, named Apache and later Aztec, is a four-to-six-seat twin-engine light aircraft aimed at the general aviation market. The United States Navy and military forces in other countries also used it in small numbers.  The PA-23 was the first twin-engine Piper aircraft, and was developed from a proposed "Twin Stinson" design, inherited when Piper bought the Stinson Division of the Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation. The prototype PA-23 was a four-seat low-wing all-metal monoplane with a twin tail, powered by two 125 hp Lycoming O-290-D piston engines; it first flew on 2 March 1952. The aircraft performed badly and it was redesigned with a single vertical stabilizer and an all-metal rear fuselage and more powerful 150 hp Lycoming O-320-A engines. The same year, Piper produced an upgraded version with 250 hp (186 kW) Lycoming O-540 engines and a swept vertical tail as the PA-23-250, and named it Aztec.  [Wikipedia]

Two Separate Models to Fly 

  • Regular aspirated
  • Turbo with tip tanks for extended range.

Features Include:

  • Detailed virtual cockpit with smooth scrolling
  • 2 separate models to fly
  • Garmin 530 with pop up panel
  • Opening/closing door with a mouse click on the door handle (interior)
  • Many interchangeable liveries
  • Pilot figure
  • Custom sounds
  • Detail parts
  • Animated parts
  • Yoke hide with a mouse click
  • Built with a POH from the ground up
  • Real pilot tested and approved
  • Performance charts (located in the manual folder)
  • Checklist in .txt format for use in the sim
  • Manual in .pdf format
  • Can display For Sale flags on props with a click on the instrument panel or use Shift + F4
  • FSE (Flight Sim Economy) files included so your ready to fly. Making money is good with a 5 passenger carry.

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