Piper Cherokee PA140 Original

Piper Cherokee PA140 Original

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The Cherokee 140 Original version is a Piper Cherokee PA28-140 modeled after the real-world Cherokee 140 with the tail number of N3466K, located in Texas. USA. Our X-Plane version of N3466K is almost a replica of the real airplane, with a few minor differences. I have personally logged about 10 hours of PIC (Pilot-in-Command) time in the real N3466K, so I wanted to make the X-Plane version fly as closely as possible to the real thing.

This model has been updated for X-Plane 11.30+ ! The Cherokee 140 Original now has two different panels; the original VFR-only panel, and a new IFR panel with Garmin G430, Avidyne AXP 340 multi-function transponder with ADS-B OUT, and a KAP 140 autopilot. You can instantly switch between panels, even mid-flight!

Other features included in this update are:
  • Virtual Reality ready
  • FMOD sounds
  • New pop-out Kneeboard with Options menu
  • "Save State" Preferences, - switch settings, options and preferences are saved each time you fly, and are reloaded the next time you fly
  • New interior PBR textures
  • Improved animations using new X-Plane datarefs, including new push-button animations
  • "INOP" placards now include hints for secondary gauges
  • Automatic and integrated support for RealityXP(tm) GTN 650 and GNS 430 plugins (must be configured as Unit #1)
  • Integrated support for AviTab plugin
  • Flight model and ground handling improvements
  • Now has the STMA Autoupdate plugin included - keeps your copy up to date automatically each time you load the airplane
Avionics – Panel Option 1 – VFR Panel
  • PS Engineering PAR200 combination audio panel/COM1 radio w simulated 'Bluetooth' music feature and 8.33Khz tuning
  • TKM MX300 COM2/NAV1 radio (25 Khz tuning)
  • ARC RT-359A  transponder
  • Omni-Bearing Selector (OBS) slaved to NAV2 radio with localizer and glideslope indicator needles
  • Magnetic Compass
  • Directional Gyro Compass
  • Vertical Velocity Indicator (VVI)
  • Altimeter/Barometer
  • Airspeed Indicator with True Airspeed indicator
  • Clock with Elapsed Timer Hour and Minutes hands and Time-of-Day adjustment feature
  • Artificial Horizon
  • Hobbs Meter
  • Engine Gauges (Left Fuel Qty, Right Fuel Qty, Ammeter, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Oil Temperature, Suction)
Avionics – Panel Option 2 – IFR Panel
  • KMA20 Audio Panel
  • G430 GPS (Laminar Research default)
  • MX300 COM2/NAV2 Radio
  • Avidyne AXP 340 Transponder with Pressure Altitude, Flight Timer, Stop Watch, Flight ID, Pressure Altitude Monitor, and ADS-B OUT functions
  • KAP 140 dual-axis autopilot with Altitude Preselect function
  • Other gauges and instruments same as the Panel Option 1 above
Special Features

Beta Tested by Three Real-World Cherokee 140 Pilots
  • New FMOD Sounds
  • Pop-out Kneeboard with Options Menu
    • Click on the kneeboard stowed in the pocket near the pilot’s left knee to pop out the kneeboard. Select your preferences from the menu, add or remove ground elements, copilot and fuel
  • Simulated Bluetooth Music
    • The PS Engineering PAR 200 radio/audio instrument has Bluetooth features. We have simulated Bluetooth music in the model. 
  • Simulated Radio Squelch Noise
    • If you turn OFF ASQ button on the PAR200 audio panel/radio, you will hear a simulated radio static noise over the normal radio audio.
  • Fuses are Operational
    • You can fail any of the fuses and/or circuit breakers on the panel to practice emergency procedures.
  • Exterior HDR Custom Parameterized Lighting
    • All exterior lights are created using X-Plane custom parameterized lighting system with plug-in control. To enjoy the lighting effects to their fullest, HDR Rendering must be ON in your settings. However, the lights will still work with HDR off, they just won't look as nice.
  • Wheel Fairings can be Removed using  Menu
    • If you remove the wheel fairings, the drag co-efficient will be increased by approximately 3%
  • Vibration Effects
    • The exhaust pipe, ignition key, ailerons and stabilator are animated to appear to shake/vibrate when the engine is running. As you increase engine RPM, the shaking smooths out.
    • Spinning Wheels Blur Effect
    • When the wheels are spinning at faster than 20 KTS, the textures are replaced with a radial-blur effect to add more realism.
  • Rain and Ice Texture for Windows
  • When X-Plane indicates that there is precipitation on the windshield, or ice on the airframe, the window glass textures will be replaced with rain or ice effect textures.
  • Original N3446K livery plus 11 more liveries provided (including a Plain White livery)
    • Super Hi-resolution textures  up to 4K  textures
    • Fully animated model. If it looks like it should move in real life, it is animated!

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