Piper Cherokee PA140 Original

Piper Cherokee PA140 Original

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The Cherokee 140 Original version is a Piper Cherokee PA28-140 modeled after the real-world Cherokee 140 with the tail number of N3466K, located in Texas. USA. Our X-Plane version of N3466K is almost a replica of the real airplane, with a few minor differences. I (Walker @ vFlyteAir) have personally logged about 10 hours of PIC (Pilot-in-Command) time in the real N3466K, so I wanted to make the X-Plane version fly as closely as possible to the real thing.

  •  “Convertible” Instrument Panel – choose which panel you'd like to fly with by using the kneeboard Options menu, or click on the “PANEL OPTION” labels located on the instrument panel below the radio stack.
  • Kneeboard with Options Menu – click on the kneeboard stowed on the pilot's side cabin panel to open the kneeboard. You can select various options and preferences from the menu, and you can add fuel to the left and right side tanks. Move the kneeboard up/down by clicking anddragging the top portion.
  • “Save State” Preferences – your preferences, options and many cockpit settings areautomatically saved when you exit X-Plane or unload the Cherokee 140. The next time you fly, your settings are automatically restored.
  • Automatic Support for RealityXP® plugins – If you have the RealityXP® GTN650 plugininstalled and configured as Unit #1 (Master Device), a GTN650 instrument will automaticallyappear where the Garmin g430 GPS is located in the radio stack (GPS panel option only).Likewise, if you have the RealityXP gns430 plugin installed and configured as Unit #1, the RXPgns430 screen will automatically replace the default g430. NOTE: No other RealityXP pluginsare automatically supported other than the above.Integrated Support for the AviTab Plugin – if you have the AviTab plugin installed, a tablet will appear in the cockpit with the AviTab screen active. You can move the tablet around the cockpit by clicking on the outer edges of the tablet around the screen and dragging it. You can click the power button on the tablet to hide it.
  • Dynamic rain and ice effects using Skiselkov's wonderful librain plugin.
  • KAP140 autopilot uses the X-Plane pre-configured KAP140 type.
  • Built-in support for Xchecklist plugin (see https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/20785-xchecklist-linwinmac3264/ for the plugin.

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