Piper Turbo Arrow IV

Piper Turbo Arrow IV

Part Number:AeroSphere-PA28RT-201T
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AeroSphere’s Piper Turbo Arrow IV was designed after the turbocharged Arrow and features both the PA28RT-201T and the PA28R-201T (T-tail and the conventional tail) configurations in one package.
With a turbocharged 6 banger under the bonnet, the Piper Turbo Arrow IV is now capable of climbing into the flight levels.  With a critical altitude of 12,000’, the 6-cylinder fixed-wastegate Continental TSIO-360 provides the same 200 horsepower as the Lycoming IO-360 that has traditionally been provided on the normally aspirated Arrow.  Different from the Lycoming, the Continental engine is artificially aspirated and will attain 200 horsepower up to 12,000’ on a standard day.

Two Models included in this pack: (T-tail and the conventional tail)
  • PA28RT-201T
  • PA28R-201T 
  • 4 HD (4096 x 4096) liveries with a plain white texture that can be used for custom paint schemes.
  • Steam gauge trainer cockpit model to help pilots in the training environment with required instruments for IFR.
  • Garmin 530 & 430
  • All gauges are 3D
  • Detailed flight model and interactive 3D virtual cockpit with animated knobs, buttons etc. cabin door, storm window and rear baggage compartment door.
  • Toggle button to remove/display yoke
  • Compatible with HDR and normal lighting effects
  • Many textures taken from the actual aircraft
  • Custom sounds compatible with X-Plane 11 

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