Plain Plane Pack #1 for VSkyLabs C-47 Skytrain

Plain Plane Pack #1 for VSkyLabs C-47 Skytrain

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A collection of 20 identity-free liveries (does not include the plane) applicable to the VSkyLabs C-47 Skytrain version 3 add-on aircraft for X-Plane version 11.  Use them as they are for traveling incognito, or import them into your favorite graphics editor to apply your own customization.  Modified textures are for your own use only and may not be distributed without prior written permission from SimSmith.

Plain Plane Pack livery names are derived from the style, color and door variant.  While the passenger ("Pax") variants implement panel lines and rivets to emulate a left-side passenger door, the protruding cargo door hinges remain since they are defined by the 3D model and cannot be altered by this package.

This particular Plain Plane Pack includes the following livery schemes...

1. AlloverSol Wine Cargo
2. Bandito1 Yellow Cargo
3. Boa Pumpkin Pax
4. Bolt White Pax
5. Charger HiCon Cargo
6. Chromatic Patches Pax
7. CL-Bird Tan-Burgundy Pax
8. Comet3 Safety Pax
9. EarthSol Olive Cargo
10. Easterly Fresh Pax
11. ESky1-2 Invasion Cargo
12. ESky5 Forest Cargo
13. Gampy Cobalt Pax
14. HS-Ess BoW Pax
15. JB Spruce Pax
16. Leopard Gold Cargo
17. Naval Pale Cargo
18. PacificP Clay Cargo
19. Purdy Seafoam Pax
20. SplitDM Contrast Cargo

* Each exterior texture is customized to represent the targeted paint scheme.
* Generic interior textures are designed to depict the aircraft's cabin space.
* Passenger seat visibility is toggled in the simulator by clicking upon the equipment rack located aft of the co-pilot's position.  Some individual liveries intentionally do not display the equipment rack, seats or cargo.
* Proprietary normal/bump maps are included, implementing Physically Based Rendering ("PBR") when appropriate.
* Custom ski textures are also provided.  Skis are activated in the simulator by a knobbed lever near the captain's left shoulder.
* Exclusive night-time textures (LITs) are provided, with guidance on their optional activation.
* Optional replacements for the spinning propeller texture (whose tip color is red by default) are included, along with installation instructions.

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