QPAC Airbus A320 - 232

QPAC Airbus A320 - 232

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Ultimate realism

Since 2009, QPAC stands synonymous with the most realistic simulation of the Airbus Fly-by-wire and hydro-mechanical systems for the X-Plane world. The level of realism achieved made aerospace companies like Flight Data Services Ltd or universities like the Dresden University of Technology choose the QPAC A320 with its fly-by-wire technology as backbone for some of their projects.
Flight data services Ltd uses a modified version of the QPAC A320 for X-Plane to replay Flight Data Recorder data from in-service aircraft to analyze and rate in-flight occurrences. At the Dresden University of Technology, the QPAC A320 is used as backbone for a research simulator at the Institute of Logistics and Aviation. In fact, a lot of the development done for the Dresden University of Technology flowed back down into the QPAC Airbus A320 V2; therefore, private users can directly profit from the cooperation.

Note: the Airbus A320 features a 2D cockpit. 3D cockpit is not available in this version. Please understand this before you buy. The QPAC Airbus A320 focuses on accurate systems.

General Features

  • The only A320 addon with over 80 ECAM action lists, based on system failure simulation that simulates the actual physics behind the fault rather than just the effect.
  • The only A320 addon for x-plane that is used by academic and industry partners in the aerospace field
  • Plugin in written in plain C to avoid conflicts - XP 10 performance and user interface tuning
  • QPAC’s ILS auto-align feature
  • Large choice of startup configurations
  • Improved PFD and ND synoptic - Large pop-up PFD and ND in 2D panel mode
3D model
  • Standard model with 2D panel
Fly-by-wire implementation
  • Highly realistic implementation of the Airbus “normal law”
  • Additional FBW fine-tuning based on real-life pilot feedback
Flight management implementation
  • Advanced flight planning interface (based on XP native data) - compatible with XFMC
  • “What you see is what you fly” flight path indication on ND
  • 2 fully independent MCDUs .with pages INIT, FPLN (main page), DIR, PERF, and PROG DIR, and PERF. Also pages MCDU Menu, RADNAV and DATA
Autopilot implementation
  • Implementation of all Airbus AP modes (except non-precision approach and LOC backcourse)
  • Choice between HDG-VS and TRK-FPA (includes FPV indication on PFD, if TRK-FPA selected)
  • Fully independent AP1 and AP2
Other aircraft systems
  • Complete ADIRU model
  • Ability to simultaneously tune 1 ILS and 2 VOR
  • Complete fuel system model, including gravity feed, fuel transfer and center tank pump logic
  • Complete hydraulic system model, including electrical pump, PTU engagement and RAT deployment logics
  • Complete electrical system model, including all bus reconfigurations upon failure.
  • Basic air-conditioning model, including custom cabin pressure and temperature regulation
  • FBW flight control computer simulation - Basic electrical interdependency package
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