Real World Malaysia

Real World Malaysia

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Realworld Malaysia covers a whopping 330,803 km² and covers west and east Malaysia. We have harness the lastest autogen technology especially for X-Plane which allows for region specific houses, shops, highrise and buildings to be placed using X-Plane built in OSM data to ensure maximum immersion. 

What really makes Realworld Malaysia unique, are the detailed buildings used in the autogen and the shear amount of custom unique models used. Furthermore, over 50+ Points of interest buildings have been placed based on orthorphoto. Taking 2 trips to Malaysia in real life, allowed us to fully capture the real "feel" and "culture" in malaysia and hopefully recreated that in the sim. 

Please note that some of the featured screenshots make use of the following 3rd party addons: xVision, Ultra Weather XP

  • Unique autogen for the entire Malaysia
  • Over 30+ hand model custom buildings for the autogen
  • All autogen models contain extreme detail (including postbox, cars in garage etc.) to give a "malaysian" feel. 
  • All autogen models are made with 2k and PBR textures
  • All models contain HDR + Custom night lighting 
  • Over 400 handplace POIs around malaysia specificity in Kuala Lumpur city (Capital) 
  • Compatible with SFD global and Ortho4xp
  • Light on fps as object draw distance and count is base of object setting in x plane
  • Affordable 

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