RealView v1.5

RealView v1.5

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RealView bring X-Plane new level of camera immersion. In X-Plane, the default camera actions are very limited.
RealView adds smooth and soft camera movements with new generation of camera movement engine. 
RealView works well with X-Camera, ASXP & All TrackIR simulators. 
RealView have 25+ list of new camera immersion's. 
RealView - this is stand alone plugin, written on modern language. 

  • Stand-alone plugin with custom written interface and manipulators
  • List of 25+ camera immersions
  • Fully custom movement engine
  • Multi monitor support
  • Compatible with X-Camera & ASXP
  • FPS Friendly
  • Vulkan Ready
  • Preview mode. You can click to slider, and effect will be previewed."
  • Ready presets for aircaft for: 
    •  General Aviation
    •  Glider
    •  Fighter
    •  Heavy Metal 
    •  Jet Airliner
    •  Ultra Light
    •  Seaplane
  • Automatic setup
  •  You can choose "Auto mode" and RealView will configure automatically for each airplane
  •  General movements (Pitch, Heading, Horizon hold) with special "back offsets"
  •  G-Force simulation (Two modes of motion, ground reflect shake, touchdown effect, longitude, side g-force basis simulation)
  •  Other effects (Speedbrakes, Flaps, Engine, Stall, Gear and Overspeed as well)
  •  Camera center correction
  •  Smart Zoom
  • RealView v1.5 have also unique Terrain Reflect Effect. Camera shake response different terrain surface types:
    • Grass strip
    • Concrete
    • Asphalt
    • Dirt
    • RWY shoulder
    • RWY blast pad
    • Object (for example, if you use custom object scenery, RealView Engine will accurate simulate all object relief)
    • Lake
    • Snow
    • Gravel
  • HST Connect 2.0 Updater System included. Plugin updates itself. 

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