Reality Expansion Pack for DHC-2 Beaver

Reality Expansion Pack for DHC-2 Beaver

Part Number:Simcoders-REP-DHC2
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**You need the Thranda DHC-2 Beaver to use this software.** 

The Reality Expansion Pack acts over different aspects and functionality for Thrand DHC-2 Beaver. Here are some:

Ultra Realistic Flight & Ground Dynamics

- Realistic stall speeds & behavior
- Correct climb speeds
- Realistic cruise speeds
- Real World Weight & Balance
- Realistic taxi behavior
- Complex Damages System
- Triggered by the pilot actions
- Based on real world data
- Target every system in the aircraft
- Meant to teach you how to correctly manage an airplane

Economic System

- Can be enabled/disabled on the fly
- Earn virtual money when you fly
- Use virtual money to buy fuel and do maintenance/repairs
- Realistic fuel prices around the World
- Fully compatible with FSEconomy and X-CPL-Pilot
- More info at

Interactive Walkaround

- Cockpit checks
- Lights checks
- Aileron, rudder, elevator and flaps check
- Tire check and choks removal
- Tie-down removal
- Pitot tube check
- Engine cowl check

Realistic Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior Engine Logic

- 100% Custom engine model
- Realistic power output for given manifold pressure/RPM settings
- Realistic propeller animations as never seen before on X-Plane
- Realistic booster coil
- Switch between conventional and Bendix-Stromberg pressure carburetor (with automatic mixture)
- Correct fuel consumption
- Oil System:
    - Realistic oil viscosity
    - Interchangeable oil type
    - Oil pump failures
    - Realistic oil filter
- Fuel System:
    - Realistic wobble pump
    - Realistic fuel pressure behavior
    - Realistic fuel filter
    - Realistic primer
- Starter
- Realistic startup procedure
- Automatic startup procedure for newbies
- Realistic engine temperatures
- Fuel Flooding simulation
- The engine parts wear down when not managed correctly

Engine Preheater

- The engine may be warmed up upon start with the provided electrical heater
- Once activated, the electrical heater runs even when you close the simulator

Realistic Landing Gear

- The landing gear is damaged by hard landings
- The brakes and tires are damaged if not managed correctly

Electrical & Avionics System

- Realistic Battery
- The avionics are damaged if on when the engine starts/shuts down

Native Virtual Reality Support

- Complete support of new X-Plane SDK 3.0
- Menu visible in VR
- Windows visible in VR

**Very easy on FPS**

- Written in C++ with no compromises

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