S-92 Sikorsky XP11

S-92 Sikorsky XP11

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The  S-92 Sikorsky is a four-bladed twin-engine medium-lift helicopter built by Sikorsky Aircraft,
Capable of carrying up to 19 passengers, the S-92 is used in both the civilian and the military market. A variant of the S-92 is currently being proposed by Sikorsky as the future US presidential helicopter.

PS: Owners of the previous S-92 by DMO can get this new xp11 model for only $15. Please look at your original S-92 invoice at the store to get your coupon code.

New X-Plane 11 Model
  • Optimized for XP11
  • Incorporation of the new XP11 FMS
  • New object shading and normal maps, utilizing the new PBR capabilities of X-Plane 11
  • Added functionality of the searchlight/camera operator's station (in SAR model and CH-148), including an animated camera gimbal and video display in the cabin
  • New and improved alert/warning sounds and landing gear cycle sounds
  • Wreckage objects and crash capability; crashing will now result in flaming wreckage
  • Small 3D object improvements and more efficient texture map references to help maintain fps
5 Variants of the S-92/H-92 Airframe
  • Offshore/Air Taxi, Search and Rescue, VIP/Corporate, CH-148 Cyclone, VH-92 US Presidential Helicopter
  • Custom Sounds, Featuring Real Interior and Exterior recordings of S-92 Engines, Rotors and APU.
  • Many Liveries: See Pictures Album
  • Animated Flight Controls, Rotor Hubs and Control Surfaces
  • 3 Variations of Animated Pilots
  • Emergency Floats
  • Detailed 3D Cockpit and Cabin with Animated Switches, Knobs and Levers
  • Interactive Light Controls for the Cockpit and Cabin
  • Animated Landing Gear Retraction and Strut Compression
  • Custom Airfoils Based on Sikorsky Blade Design
  • Realistic Flight Characteristics
  • Anti-Ice Systems and Ice Build-up on Windows in 3D cockpit
  • Animated Cargo Ramp
  • Custom Instrument Panels
  • FMS/GPS - Autopilot

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