SA 341B and SA 342J Gazelle

SA 341B and SA 342J Gazelle

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This product incorporates two versions in one and both are separate stand-alone models, tested over six months with the aid of IRL pilots as part of the JRX Test Team.

The SA341B:

Is based on the military variant and uses “old school” avionics in use from the late 1970s onwards, including VHF and UHF military radios with “chatter” added for immersion.
It has a functional PBDI (position bearing distance indicator) similar to the NADIR on the French variant, which can be programmed with X-Plane FMS flight plans.  This version has 17 military / service style liveries included as standard.

The SA342J:

Is a civilian variant with a more “modern” avionics suite, an up-rated engine and a different body kit, along with custom made avionics based on the Garmin and Avidyne real world family.  There is a fully functional autopilot module and a “pop out tablet” showing either the GNS530, AviTab or a Services page showing critical flight data.  This version comes with 19 liveries of various aircraft from around the world.

Both versions include:

Model and Textures:
  •  Integrated GTN750 / 725 and AviTab compatible
  •  Detailed animated 3D model both internal and external
  •  High quality pilot, co-pilot and passengers
  •  Animated rotor head and tail rotor
  •  All textures are PBR
  •  4k external textures including all liveries
  •  4k instrument panels
  •  All custom-made instruments with no legacy stock X-Plane instrumentation
  •  All doors and windows fully functional with sound attenuation
  •  Animated rotor tie downs and engine / pitot covers
  •  Animated yaw string
  •  Custom engine vibrations
  •  Animated friction locks for the cyclic and collective
  •  AH cage functions
  •  Custom animated instrument gauges and needles
  •  Dynamic aircraft ID plate based on livery
  •  Dynamic seat colours and pilot helmet / flight suit based on livery
  •  Custom external lighting (NAV / STROBE / LANDING / FLASH / DIM) with light spill
  •  Rotor blur and ground shadow
  •  All panel switches / buttons / controls are animated with sound
  •  Custom and fully functional warning and annunciator lights with test where applicable
Fuel, Equipment and PAX loading:

Fuel and passenger loading are done within the cockpit
Fuel weights are dynamically changed
Pilot, co-pilot and passengers modelled – with dynamic weight
Door removal – with dynamic weight
Munitions (for the SA341 (INERT)) – with dynamic weight
Sling loads are invoked in cockpit with no third-party plugin required – with dynamic weight / CG
Detailed flight reference cards (FRCs) are included in-cockpit with all procedures

Full FMOD sound is included in both version’s with over 50 sampled sounds from a real Gazelle helicopter mixed live with FMOD studio.
  • 3D external sounds with doppler effect
  • Custom radio chatter both civil and military. Tuneable on the com radios
  • Headset attenuation (helmet simulation)
  • Custom blade slap
  • Custom warnings and alerts
  • All switches / buttons have sound assigned
Flight Model:
  • Realistic flight characteristics
  • Start-up to shutdown realistically modelled on the flight reference cards
  • The new X-Plane experimental flight model recommended
  • Fully working under the 11.50 beta programme and compatible with Vulkan
  • Longer shelf life for future X-Plane updates and will not “break” like many others
  • VR and manipulator ready

Customised Failures:
  • Hydraulics (WIP)
  • Over-Torque
  • Hard landings > 425 f/min
  • Crash detection
  • Engine fire
  • Flame-out / Compressor stall
  • With custom fire / sounds / smoke
Help and Support:
  • Dedicated support forum at the XP.ORG
  • Detailed user manual
  • Full lifetime support, product updates and development as required

This is the place to visit for any issues, bugs, requests and news about the product:

** This is the quickest and most direct method of contacting JRX Design **

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