SCEL Santiago International 2.0

SCEL Santiago International 2.0

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SCEL Santiago International Airport for X-Plane stands out due to its extremely high density of objects. In addition to the accurate reproduction of the airport and all its surrounding buildings, including the fully animated O’Higgins amusement park, the realistic vegetation objects provide an authentic atmosphere.

In general, the add-on impress, beside the amusement park, with many new animations like ground services, walking people, jet ways, military helicopters and many more, which give the airport an extremely vivid touch. Especially at night you will find a very special atmosphere that changes the approach at Santiago International Airport to an unique experience.

  •     Accurate airport layout
  •     Accurate 3d objets for all major buildings
  •     Custom ATC taxi routes and airport flows
  •     Animated airport ground services
  •     Walking people and animated 3d passengers
  •     Animated Jetways and Marshallers
  •     Animated airport vehicles and Military helicopter
  •     X-Plane 10 HDR lighting and night texture
  •     Full Customized textures runways
  •     Customized  textures for Taxilines, Borderlines, taxiways and apron
  •     Customized  forest and vegetation
  •     Customized models for traffic vehicles to región
  •     Static models of Chilean´s police helicopter and military aircraft
  •     Amusement park fully animated
  •     Accurate O’Higgins park layout and surrounding buildings
  •     3D objects palms, trees and plants

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