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SFD Global

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SFD Global is the all-in-one solution for a more immersive X-Plane world, combining new high-definition ground textures and forests with custom autogen from all over the world. New region specific autogen models will make each flight a unique experience, while modern rendering techniques like baked ambient occlusion and PBR materials will create a more realistic experience.

SFD Global – Terrain textures and forests
  •     Completely new, photorealistic ground textures
  •     Based on high-resolution aerial imagery
  •     Compatible with default and third-party meshes

SFD Global – Autogen
  •     Eight different regions: Africa and Middle East, Australia, East Asia, Mediterranean, New England, Scandinavia, South America, US West Coast
  •     New unique 3D buildings for each region
  •     PBR materials and baked ambient occlusion
  •     Handcrafted 4k textures
  •     Optimized for high performance
  •     Compatible with Ortho4XP overlays
SFD Global – Forests
  •     Completely new 4k textures
  •     More realistic size and density
  •     Lots of tree variants for different biomes
SFD Global – Landmarks
  •     A small number of world famous landmarks
  •     Detailed models with PBR materials

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