Saratoga PA32R

Saratoga PA32R

Part Number:Carenado-SaratogaPA32R
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The Saratoga 32R is a high-performance 6-seater with retractable gear. With a 300hp engine it has a range of 1000 miles.

  • GNS430 included
  • Mouse Wheel Support
Incredible details - Too many to list
  • Animated 3D pilot - Real Propeller with reflective spinner
  • Many details as: animated vents, ash trays, mic cable, etc ...
  • Custom panel and gauges, Toggle yoke at VC
  • Custom  stereo  sounds
  • Dynamic reflection  (panel and doors)
  • Accurate flight model with custom autopilot
Full moving parts
  • Ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps and trim tab
  • Animated Cowl Flaps, Rolling wheels , Opening doors, dual-axis Sun Visor
  • Five different paint schemes with Normal mapping effects.
  • Autopilot manual, performance tables
  • Checklist - Normal and emergency procedures

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