Schweizer S300CBi XP11

Schweizer S300CBi XP11

Part Number:Dreamfoil-S300C-11
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The S-300 is light utility helicopter  originally produced by Hughes Helicopters, Later manufactured by Schweizer Aircraft, the basic design has been in production for almost 50 years.
The single, three-bladed main rotor and piston-powered S-300 is mostly used as a cost-effective platform for training and agriculture. This model is a replica of  the S300Cbi, a fuel injected version of the 300CB that alleviates carburetor icing concerns in colder temperatures. (Wikipedia)

VR Ready
  •   Comes with fully interactive manipulators compatible with VR
  •   SmartMenu also compatible with VR

Detailed Model
  •   New textures taking advantage of PBR
  •   Highly detailed interior and exterior model
  •   Custom commands for all switches
  •   GTX327 transponder simulation
  •   Functional custom warning lights with integrated test buttons
  •   Fully articulated 3D rotor and blade flex
  •   Realistic blade tie system
  •   3D propeller for tail rotor
  •   Custom animations for panel switches/keys/handles/gauges
  •   Animated transmission belt with clutch stretch system
  •   Enhanced night lighting with spill lights
  •   Custom Beacon/Strobe lights
  •   3 Interchangeable Exhausts (sound changes)
  •   Removeable copilot cyclic and pedals
  •   Switchable Garmin 430
  •   Yaw string
  •   Removeable Doors
Realistic flight model
  •   Built with Experimental Flight model for best experience
  •   Accurate autorotation parameters 
  •   Custom algorithm for CHT (Cylinder Head Temperature)
  •   STAR/AES system simulated
    •     Start-up overspeed limiter
    •     Automatic Rotor Engagement
    •     Low-Rotor RPM Warning

  •   Functional circuit breakers
  •   Pilot / Passenger weight affect CG
  •   Correlator simulation
  •   Governor kit available
  •   Flexible skids
  •   Rotor hold/drag allow to change rotor position with engine off
  •   Main rotor protective caps can be activated by clicking on blade tip when on correct position
  •   Cyclic with functional lateral and longitudinal frictions
  •   Collective functional friction
  •   2 Hourmeters with per livery persistent data (engine / flight)
  •   Realistic startup with custom vibrations
External objects and tools
  •   Hook for sling load operations
  •   Functional floats
  •   Transport wheels, can be used with engine off to move helicopter on the ground
  •   Removeable Auxiliary Tank
  •   GPU (Ground Power Unit) available
  •   CropDuster version with customizable weight and flow rate

  •   New SmartLivery compatible with X-Plane default icons
  •   Stability options
  •   Customize your equipments
  •   Report with your flight time and recorded G limits
  •   Easy access to DreamEngine volumes
  •   Easy access to aircraft weights
  •   Correlator with 3 different presets and customization
  •   Quick views menu
  •   other
DreamEngine Sound System
  •   Compatible with Vulkan
  •   Over 95 custom sounds
  •   Volumetric cockpit
  •   3D positional sounds
  •   Headphone simulation
  •   Sound interaction with doors

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