Seattle, WA - Gateway to Boeing Country

Seattle, WA - Gateway to Boeing Country

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Home of the BOEING Commercial Aircraft Company

Seattle, Washington has been the home of Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company since 1916 when William Boeing constructed his first aircraft in the “now famous” Red Barn.  The company soon expanded into producing aircraft for the military and when public commercial aviation literally “Took-Off”, Boeing grew to become the largest manufacturer of Civil and Military aircraft in the world.

In addition to several other assembly plants in the United States, Boeing has major production facilities at 3 airports in the Seattle area

SEATAC - Boeing Country  brings you 4 highly detailed airports in the Seattle area:
  • KSEA (SEATAC) International airport and gateway to the west
  • KBFI - BOEING FIELD  (Main test facility for Boeing Aircraft)
  • KRNT - RENTON MUNI (Main assembly plant for Boeing 737) and
  • KPWT - BREMERTON NATIONAL (General Aviation airport 25 miles west of Seattle)
So, whether you are an old pro, or have just recently “fledged”,  SEATAC - BOEING COUNTRY has something to offer to any X-Plane pilot. 

Includes night/day as well as summer/winter textures

  • Fully functional customized ATC at all 4 airports.
  • All airports have custom night lighting  fort realistic night operations
  • Added global shadow options for all static aircraft and many ground vehicles
  • Rebuilt terminals and hangers to eliminate occasional flashing effect (Z-Thrash) that could be seen when viewing an object from a distance.
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