Spitfire Mk IX Package

Spitfire Mk IX Package

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The mythical Supermarine Spitfire for X-Plane with incredible details. 

Not only was the Spitfire a successful fighter during WWII, but with its elliptical wing design it is one of the most elegant planes to ever reach the skies.

  • 100% 3D modeling: 3D Cockpit, animated controls, animated pilot
  • Detailed landing gear and flight surface
  • Working canopy, bombs and guns
  • Flight model is highly accurate

The package comes with 4 versions and 8 configurations:


Superb Paint schemes
  • High resolution paints based on real historical models
  • Over 20 paints available. Paints by Will Davies.

The package comes with a detailed Instruction Manual.

This project was created in a 3D modeling software and has very fine details which include working bomb-bay doors, a complete bombload, and working guns.  It also features a Virtual 3D Cockpit and many custom instruments, plus a complete crew. The main controls are animated as are most of the switches.

More Pictures here 

PS: You can get the Warbirds Package with 6 planes for just a little more here. The Warbirds package includes the P51 Mustang, the Spitfire, the P38 Lightning, the B-17, the Sopwith Snipe and the Albatros D-Va,

The Spitfire is also part of the Complete Package, a much better deal with a total of 14 planes

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