Stinson 108 Package

Stinson 108 Package

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1948 Stinson 108-3 Package : Flying Station Wagon and Voyager

The Stinson 108-3 was the third variant of the 108 model and featured several improvements, most notably the larger tail.  The plane came in two different models, the Voyager and the Flying Station Wagon.  The differences between them were mainly cosmetic with the Flying Station Wagon decked out with wood-grained paneling and vinyl seats.  The Wagon was also capable of carrying more weight in the rear seat area once the seats were removed.  All of the planes were equipped with a 165 h.p. Franklin engine.  Stinson offered a standard panel for VFR flying as well as an advanced panel for IFR flying.  Each model came in the choice of either blue or maroon paints.

This simulator model holds true to the original aircraft and is authentic to how they were delivered in 1948.  This model was developed by an aerospace engineer.  An actual flying 108-3, along with original manuals and drawings were extensively used in its design.  You get three versions in this package.  The package includes a VFR panel wheel version, an IFR panel wheel version and an IFR panel float version. Gauges and switches are laid out accurately to how the plane was delivered in 1948.  The plane has a Sensenich wooden prop, also standard for the day.  Since this model represents the plane as it was new in 1948, it does not have modern instrumentation such as GPS.  So get out your charts and navigate by VOR - a great plane to test your basic IFR navigation skills on.

3 Planes in this package:

VFR Panel

The basic standard panel.  No navigation instruments here.  Low and slow flying at its best.  Fly by following the terrain and landmarks. The version modeled in this package is in the Voyager configuration.

IFR Panel

The “blind” flight panel.  As delivered in 1948.  No GPS back then.  Test your skills flying by VOR and ADF.  This version is in the Flying Station Wagon configuration, complete with wood-grained paneling inside.


Head to the back country on that camping trip.  Equipped with the 1948 IFR panel, this version includes both a Voyager and a Flying Station Wagon configuration.

Experience flying like it used to be.  In 1948.  In a taildragger.  When Stinson envisioned the family station wagon would be an airplane. 

Included in the Stinson Package:
  • All three versions of the Stinson 108
  • Engine sounds from actual Stinson 108-3 with Franklin engine.
  • High resolution (4k) textures.
  • Animated doors, windows, control surfaces, instruments and more.
  • Accurate layout, panel and performance.
  • Weight and balance chart.
  • Pilots Operating Handbook
  • PBR textures
  • FMOD Sounds
  • New X-Plane Flight Model

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