Sukhoi 100 Superjet Package

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A detailed twin-engine Airliner with many custom systems! For X-Plane 9 and 10. The SU100 is a modern Fly-By-Wire aircraft that uses the same avionics as the Airbus A320.
The SSJ is the only X-Plane airliner that comes with a full Fly-by-Wire system.

Awesome Virtual Cockpit and
Detailed 3D Model
  • Fully functional controls on the panel
  • Graphical effects such as fog, reflection, glitter.Glass cockpit
  • Highly detailed model throughout. Wingflex.  All controls fully animated
  • 25+ Liveries in high resolution - Get all the paints here
Interactive Computer
  • Controls weight, ground crew, checklist, GPU, Fuel, Pushback, Passengers, etc .
3D Custom Sounds
  • Engines, doors, GPU, Wipers, public announcement system
Custom Systems
  • Plugin driven system to emulate the real behavior of the aircraft
Advanced Fly-by-Wire Systems
  • Adaptive lateral control with auto-stabilisation and limitations, C-star pitch control with roll stabilizer and flare mode
  • Yaw dumping and failure compensation system (windshear/engine failure dumpers)
  • See a demo of the Fly-by-Wire here

System Requirements
  • X-Plane 9 or 10. Windows - Mac and Linux Compatible
  • Core-duo processor with 2Ghz or higher, 8800GT 512Mb Video Card or higher
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