Super Petrel LS

Super Petrel LS

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The Super Petrel LS is a Light Sport amphibious biplane with modern technology and classic stick-and rudder charm. It’s produced by the Brazilian company Scoda Aeronáutica and distributed in the U.S. by Super Petrel USA.

This variant features the turbo charged Rotax 914 UL engine with boost performance for takeoffs on water, fast climb- outs (1400 fpm!) and full power at high density altitudes (ceiling: 14,500 feet).

Structurally, the aircraft design maximizes strength and lightness, with a bi-wing design and Kevlar™ reinforced hull, carbon fiber body, and wings blending composites and fabric. It cruises at 104 – 110 KTAS and stalls at just 39 KIAS. 24 gallons of fuel capacity give it a maximum duration of about four hours.

Super Petrel has precise, nimble handling and is stall avoidant. The lower wings are designed with a slightly higher angle of attack than the upper wings. When the critical angle of attack is approached on the lower wing, the upper wing continues to produce lift and maintains aileron control.


  • Ultra-detailed visuals, animations, and sound are painstakingly based on the owner’s actual aircraft
  • Free updates as model enhancements and liveries are released
  • Authentic flight dynamics and performance match actual Super Petrel
  • Please use X-Plane’s powerful new “Experimental Flight Model” for added realism
About the Petrel
Development of this model is a passion project by a private pilot who uses X-Plane as a regular practice tool. In 2018, Frankie Ridolfi, purchased a Super Petrel LS and achieved two lifelong dreams at once: to fly a seaplane and a biplane. It’s only natural that he created a model of the Super Petrel for X-Plane to make practicing as realistic as possible and invite others to get their first exciting experience in a Super Petrel.

Are you a Pilot?

Pilots seriously considering an aircraft purchase in the next year who are interested in the Super Petrel are welcome to contact him: [email protected]

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