The DoubleEnder Project

The DoubleEnder Project

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The DoubleEnder is an new experimental aircraft derived from the Super Cub.
 It has two  Rotax engines producing 130HP each. The airplane is making quite a stir in the bush airplane world. There is a good amount of internet content available and some videos. Links are provided in the user manual. 

This is an extreme STOL aircraft that has redundancy for safety. An engine out is not an event. It was designed to fly easily with one engine. 

For an added challenge you can water ski with the tundra tires. Landing with floats is a challenge as well. (Be sure to set your wave height in X-Plane to less than 0.2 feet)

Included in this package are both tundra and amphibian versions.

X-Plane Features:

  • 2 different instrument panels with glass and analog instruments  
  • 4 aircraft versions included (analog panel. digital panel, with floats, small wheels)
  • Wings have advanced control surfaces including roll spoilers, front edge slats, and double slotted fowler flaps for a real low stall speed
  • Opening/closing doors
  • Garmin 530 with pop-up panel
  • Animated pilot
  • Optional cargo pod
  • Wheeled floats
  • Electronic prop pitch control for cruise, climb, and feather
  • Preflight menu including flight flags, tie downs, wheel chocks
  • Custom AoA gauge
  • 20 page User Manual in .pdf format
  • Many animated detail parts
  • Many Liveries
  • Blank livery to help make your own
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom airfoil
  • Light cargo load
  • Night LIT textures included
  • Custom liveries without assigned tail numbers so you can place yours in if you prefer

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