Thirteen Years in Heaven - a True Story eBook

Thirteen Years in Heaven - a True Story eBook

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This is an eBook about Thomas Salme's story. Upon purchase, you will download an eBook about Thomas's Story.

An impossible adventure:  one boy’s dream come true; a fantasy which took on an irresistible and very real life of its own…..  

For thirteen years, Thomas Salme flew thousands of hours – and thousands of passengers – on commercial airlines around the world... without a license.  

His was a secret that eventually cost him everything:  his career, his family and his hard-earned way of life. 

In THIRTEEN YEARS IN HEAVEN, Thomas Salme tells the whole true story: 
How a young working-class Swede taught himself to fly on an ageing computer game and then dodged aviation authorities across Western Europe for more than a decade to fulfill the destiny he was always convinced he’d been born to; how he gradually became enmeshed in a web of his own deceit, living on jangled nerves, sure he was about to be discovered at any moment; and, eventually, how he became desperate to escape from the lie which had lifted him out of an ordinary life into the clear, blue skies of limitless ambition. 

The book was written with the help of TOM WATT, a world renowned writer

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