TugMaster Deluxe

TugMaster Deluxe

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Tug Master by JARDesign Crew is Windows addon for X-Plane 10

TugMaster Deluxe an be used with ANY type of aircraft with nosewheel. It is not specific to the A320 Neo.

This new deluxe version includes 3 types of Tow:

small, medium and large.

You can use the manual mode (with your joystick device) , semi-auto mode (with iTow screen ) or full- auto mode for lock-in/lock-out operations).


Acquired plugin is intended for use by one customer who bought it, and can not be transferred to anyone else.

The team has the right to keep in a product all simplifications and discrepancies which can be considered as necessary. This product not intended for real-life specialists training.

Some X-Plane aircraft (very rare case) with specific flightmodel can work incorrectly with TugMaster Deluxe (Ex: QPAC A320).

Some aircraft have adifferent position for their nosewheel in 3D model and .acf-file’s flightmodel. In this case a bar will be drawn to offset the nosewheel center.

- TugMaster has not been tested for compatibility with all third-party plug-ins that exist for in the X-Plane world. Therefore, we can not guarantee the absence of conflicts between some other third-party plugins.

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