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One of X-Plane's great strengths is its "Blade Element Theory" flight physics algorithm.  This allows new ideas to take initial shape in the sim, from which a greater understanding of the aircraft's performance can be tested and refined.  

The UV-4 V/STOL UAV is a research project conducted by AeroG, a team of students and professionals at Bergen Community College, with the aim of pushing the envelope in the area of electric VTOL unmanned aerial flight.  As electric propulsion is increasingly developed and refined for flight, this UAV concept aims at the practical applications of full-scale cargo delivery to remote areas at high speeds, where landing strips are not available.  This project has garnered the attention of aerospace professionals, researchers, and the US Military.

The X-Plane version of this aircraft has the following features:

  • Plugin-based logic, enabling unique capabilities
  • "Auto-hover" mode. Applying the brakes in flight makes the UAV settle into a stable hover.
  • Auto-throttle, which keeps descent rates safe at low altitudes.
  • Rear nacelles feature nimble connection to input controls, allowing for intuitive and extremely maneuverable, yet docile handling.
  • Helicopter-like feel in terms of cyclic input
  • 2d cockpit, emulating a UAV remote booth
  • Gimballed camera hanging from the nose of the plane. The gimbal moves according to the camera view.
  • Side menu with features like camera snap points, HUD mode, night vision, cargo bay, artificial stability on/off, auto-hover on/off, pause, mute, etc.
  • Cargo bay with retractable ramp

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