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The UV-4 eVTOL UAV is an unmanned vehicle designed to transport cargo via autonomous or remote pilot operations. This model was created to display the potential of a duct fan rotor craft powered by multiple electric motors.

Since its launch in 2015, continued advancements and improvements to the air frame and power plant are been completed to produce the most efficient means of powered flight while using a smaller and quieter ducted fan system. The electrical systems on the aircraft use a network of batteries, invertor, and generators. An electrical charge then powers the mechanism used to spin the propeller to its desired rate per minute, producing lift or thrust.

This new update offers the most comprehensive and complete aircraft simulation of the UV-4 to date. This fly-by-wire system is a first of its kind and would not be possible without many years of research. This update for X-Plane 11 stands as the most realistic version of this program ever created. There is no cheating in real-world physics with our geometric modelling. Hence, you are really flying this aircraft and we are proud to provide you this experience.

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