Ultra Weather XP 1.5

Ultra Weather XP 1.5

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Ultra Weather XP is a  set of replacement textures and shaders, that creates a realistic weather in X-Plane 10 with many of realistic textures files.

New updated version 1.50

Ultra Weather XP 1.50 Features:
  • Great reviews by actual users
  • Up to 13 settings of Realistic sky colors for sunrise , sunset , all day time and night time for all weather conditions
  • Very nice coloring clouds during sun down the horizon or going up
  • No more white clouds during night time
  • Many of replacement moon with good halo within the middle of a sky or on the horizon
  • Clouds blended with terrain smoothly
  • Broken overcast layer with sun light effects on clouds
  • Sun flares can touch the ground now through the clouds
  • Clouds and sky drawing with real weather conditions. METAR.rwx
  • Many off cirrus clouds
  • Transforming clouds
  • Tropical waters
  • Blue waters
  • Clearly reflections on waters like reality
  • Both users that run or not HDR can use blue , tropical and high reflections waters
  • 4 Different clouds sizes 2048 Ultra for good PC's , 1024 High , 512 Normal , 256 Low for lower PC's
  • Airplane smooth contrails on high altitude appear now from high distance from the ground
  • Towering Thermal clouds when thunderstorms are present
  • Unlimited visibility distances drawing clouds
  • Completely Different sun reflections on waters it's more realism
  • Realistic high altitude and orbit skycolors
  • Completely compatible with NOAA weather
  • Skycolors , blue waters , tropical waters
  • Completely compatible with any plugins that can run with X-Plane default textures

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