Ultra Weather XP 2.5

Ultra Weather XP 2.5

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Ultra Weather XP  is a powerful application with many sliders and many options to control the  graphics rendering of X-Plane

-Complete Advanced System Plugin to Enhance X-Plane Weather Visually.
-Available for Windows Mac Linux.
-Works via X-Plane default weather system and compatible with weather information plugins such as ASXP, FSGRW, NOAA.
-Compatible with any other Plugins, Scripts which is not controls X-Plane weather visually.
-Interface divided to multiple tabs supported by many of buttons and sliders which give the ability to change the settings immediately.
-Dozen of Sky Colors for all weather conditions all times with two types of horizon and sun for each settings. (Spectacular & Normal Skies)
-Dozen of Clouds Textures for all weather conditions with three available colors (Blue Grey White) and two sizes. (2K & 4K) for each Clouds textures. 
-Multiple Water colors.
-Enhanced Automatic Mist control with three option Low, Mid, High to controls the fog depending in reported weather, and Manual Control via a slider.
-Automatic Horizon Control with manual control via a slider.
-Automatic Sun Glow Control with manual control via two sliders.
-Automatic Sky Scattering.
-Ability to increase the glow of the whole Simulator via a check mark. (Extra Gain)
-Automatic Fog decreasing during sunset to avoid the illuminated fog under aircraft via a check mark. (Reduce Sunset Fog)
-Ability to control the Saturation of sky color via a slider. (Sky Colors Depth)
-Ability to increase Terrain range via a slider. (Terrain Distance)
-Ability to control the brightness of the whole simulator via a slider. (Overall Brightness)
-Ability to control the glow of the moon.
-Textures changing randomly and separately, in each X-Plane restarts via one button for each textures. (Random Sky, Random Clouds, Random Water Colors)
-Automatic and Manual Clouds brightness.
-High definition Clouds shadows.
-Automatic Clouds size and amount depending in reported weather with manual controls via separate sliders.
-Automatic Avoid Cutoff to avoid cutted Clouds by Terrain, with manual control via a slider.
-Ability to blend Clouds with terrain via a check mark. (Extra Blending)
-Three Overcast Mode. (Puffy clouds, Normal Clouds, Flat Clouds)
-Ability to reduce Flickering Clouds via three check marks.
-Automatic Clouds coloring depending on sun position with multiple manual coloring sliders.
-Ability to control the clouds shadow intensity via a slider. (Clouds Shadow Power)
-Ability to increase the amount of puffs for "Flying through Clouds" effect and for all clouds via two Separate sliders. (Amount of in + Out Clouds puffs)
-Automatic Water Waves control with multiple Manual controls via sliders.
-Ability to turn water reflection on or off via a check mark.
-Ability to control water waves speed via a slider.
-Custom Lights Textures, with ground and objects illuminating effects.
-Ability to control the power of all lights.
-Separate Sliders to control the power of far and near lights.
-Automatic Night Haze which reflect night lights over the fog depending on cities size and turn it off while flying outside cities with Manual control via a slider.
-Custom Thunder, Rain, Hail, and Ambient sounds.
-Ability to control the Volume of Ambient sound via a slider.
-Ability to turn all objects shadows on or off via a check mark.
-Ability to control objects shadows resolution via a slider.
-Ability to increase the range of objects shadows via a slider.
-Ability to control the intensity of objects shadows via a slider. (Shadows Power)
-Ability to change between Default X-Plane and Ultra Weather XP via check marks.

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