Ultra Weather XP

Ultra Weather XP

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New Version 2.4 Just Released ! 

Ultra Weather XP  is a powerful application with many sliders and many options to control the  graphics rendering of X-Plane

Unlike other weather engines, Ultra Weather XP 2 is very FPS friendly.
  • Completely new 12 settings of Sky colors for all weather condition.
  • Completely new 12 settings of HD 4096px Clouds textures for all clouds types.
  • Six water colors for X-Plane 11.
  • New plugin Interface with Percentage value.
  • Terrain Mist which will add fog over the terrain to make the view looks realistic.
  • Visibility Mist Feature which will automatically control the fog over the terrain depending the visibility reported which will make the sim looks more realistic.
  • New function control the moon glow for X-Plane 11 only.
  • New function , we replaced the Clouds Smoothness Shaders with Slider , now you can control the smoothness as you like without restarting X-Plane.
  • New button "Extra Blending" which will blend the clouds more if jagged Clouds edge mixed with the terrain.
  • Lights Power can be controlled better than before.
  • Shadows Improved to remove the jagged shadows inside cockpit or outside the Airplane for all objects with Far distance Slider to control the shadow draw distance.
  • Ambient sound which add the life sound to the sim with Volume control slider .
  • Rain and Thunderstorms sounds can be selected with the ambient sound via the plugin now.
  • The plugin as known before can works with other Weather information collector plugins such as NOAA , FSGRW.
  • The plugin works with X-Plane weather system.
  • The sun glow automatically controlled via the plugin during day and altitude , so the sun will looks more realistic .
  • The sun reflection on the sea controlled via the plugin for all weather condition , for example there is no reflection on Overcast weather.
  • No more black smoke behind airplane engines while cruising.
  • Improve the plugin to saves it settings , now you will not lose your settings after restarting X-Plane.
  • Add Paste button for the activation , you don't need to write every chart now.
  • All of these and more see the information here https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/142026-ultra-weather-xp-v22-support-2018/
Not compatible with Any other scripts simulating weather visual conditions such as: FlyWithLua any weather Script ,  FlyWithLua RTH script , Skymaxx Pro , Real Weather Connector for Skymaxx Pro , Blu_fx , VenturaSky , MaxxFx , xEnviro, etc ...

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